Watawala Lassana is 1200 m above sea level, which makes it a generally cold climate throughout most of the year. The days are warm with a gentle cool breeze streaming through, while the nights and early mornings tend to be quite cold.The hill country weather in Watawala enjoys an ideal climate; travellers describe it as the best in the tropics. Mist settles on the mountain ranges from evening till dawn, hence the name ‘Misty Ranges’. Watawala records the highest rainfall on the island, thereby creating the lush green outfield.

Contact Details

Watawala Lassana
Misty Range, Hatton Road,
Sri Lanka.
Mob: (+94) 0721002134
Fax: (+94) 2647398

Bungalow Manager

Nihal Wethasinghe
Tel: (+94) 0512237170
Mob: (+94) 0755781372


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