Sole bungalow located on a hilltop in the Misty Ranges, overlooking the valley below and surrounding mountain ranges.The Misty Ranges of Watawala are a range of hills and mountains which surround the town of Watawala. ‘Watawala Lassana’ is the only bungalow on the hilltop and offers ample privacy and seclusion. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, it is a spot of heaven in a lush green eco system.

Contact Details

Watawala Lassana
Misty Range, Hatton Road,
Sri Lanka.
Mob: (+94) 0721002134
Fax: (+94) 2647398

Bungalow Manager

Nihal Wethasinghe
Tel: (+94) 0512237170
Mob: (+94) 0755781372


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